04 October 2009

Punk Glam Princess -- Pint-Sized Stylist?

My dear little Punk Glam Princess had a blast styling an outfit she got from the lovely Queen Michelle this summer. At nearly 10, I think she's got styling down! It was too cute, she wore those leggings and headband for a week straight, changing just her tee!

Black Milk Leggings, black jeweled bracelet from Queen Michelle, and a faboo black feather headband custom-made by Queen Michelle! (She seriously won't take it off -- she wanted to wear it in her school picture and the idiot non-photographers made her take it off. Re-do! I don't want boring pics, I want ones to reflect what my daughter looks like at this particular age!)

Stay tuned for a really special guest post later this week... from Paris Fashion Week!



  1. 'Star' indeed.
    You are rockin this look Princess.
    Love your wedges.

    Queen Marie

  2. Thanks so much Queen Marie -- the PGP is tickled that you like her wedges! She's very proud of them and has them in pink too! (They're actually pretty cool with a little cutout in the heel.)


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