01 October 2009

Links à la Mode ****for week of October 1, 2009****

Links à la Mode

****for week of October 1, 2009****

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I just turned 35. It’s a landmark year not just chronologically, but style wise. I am now approaching that next age bracket in the How to Dress for Your Age features in mags. You know the ones. Thank goodness for my blogger pals here at Independent Fashion Bloggers. You’ll find some of the best style guides here this week. Guides such as Mischief My Dear’s advice on finding the perfect LBD and Fasshonaburu’s Spring 2010 trends guide. But beware the urge to dress too sexy. 39th and Broadway tells you why toddlers and stilletos don’t mix, and Squareectomy questions the taste level of visible thongs. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : October 1st


  1. It won't let me comment on Gwens post, but her new parcel got posted today so should be with you in the next 10 days!!

  2. I have no idea what was wrong -- but I just went and made a minor change posted and now it works. Ugh! I'll tell her! You know she'll be waiting with bated breath! XXX S.


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