02 September 2009

Retro Shops the UK's Answer to Buffalo Exchange

When visiting London a few weeks ago, the knowledgeable and fabulous (seriously) Jeanne Suica (seriously, if you are looking for specific fantastic vintage, Jeanne is the one to contact -- the woman knows her stuff and has connections worldwide) introduced me to a few of the Retro shops in Notting Hill Gate. Apparently these are the UK's answer to the US' Buffalo Exchange. You can bring your items to sell, and will get either cash back or a store voucher which can be used in any of their shops (as with Buffalo Exchange the store credit is the much better deal.) They have quite a few different branches each specializing in various areas such as designer clothing and accessories (Retro Woman and Retro Man), housewares (Retro Home) Vintage (also Retro Woman) and even CD's and DVD's, comic books and magazines. Best part is that their shops are open until 8pm every night, which anyone who lives in the UK knows is unusual and quite handy when you feel like having a wander after most shops have closed for the evening. Most are centered in Notting Hill Gate, with a few in some other areas like Soho and Camden.

I was only able to have a look at a few of the shops in Notting Hill Gate, but I was very impressed with the quality and selection. I swear next time I go for a visit, I will bring over some of my vintage to sell to them just so I can get a voucher to use in one of their shops!

Here is a list of each of their shops and their specialties:

Retro Woman
20 Pembridge Road,
Notting Hill Gate, W11
Designer & Vintage Clothing,
Jewelry & Accessories
Tel: 020 7565 5572

Retro Woman

32 Pembridge Road,
Notting Hill Gate, W11
High Street, Designer,
Retro & Vintage Clothing,
Jewelry & Accessories
Tel: 020 7598 2233

Retro Man
34 Pembridge Road,
Notting Hill Gate, W11
Men's Designer, Retro,
Vintage & High Street Clothing
Jewelry & Accessories
Tel: 020 7792 1715

Retro Clothing
56 Notting Hill Gate, W11
Men's & Women's High Street,
Designer, Retro & Vintage Clothing,
Jewelry & Accessories
Tel: 020 7229 4805

Retro Clothing
28 Pembridge Road,
Notting Hill Gate, W11
Men's and Womens's Bargains
On Two Floors
Tel: 020 7598 2220

Retro Clothing
75 Berwick St,
Soho, W1
Men's & Women's High Street,
Designer, Retro & Vintage Clothing,
Jewelry & Accessories
Tel: 020 7287 8904

Retro Home
30 Pembridge Road,
Notting Hill Gate, W11
Bric-A-Brac. Glassware.
Ceramics & Collectibles
Tel: 020 7460 6525

Book & Comic Exchange
14 Pembridge Road,
Notting Hill Gate, W11
Books & Comics,
Also Bargain Basement
Tel: 020 7229 8420

Book & Comic Exchange
The Basement 75 Berwick St
Soho, W1
Books, Comics, Graphic Novels,
Magazines, Computer Games, Posters
Tel: 020 7287 0492

Stage and Screen
40 Notting Hill Gate, W11
Film, TV, Shows, Books, DVD's,
Videos, Soundtracks,
Posters & Memorabilia
Tel: 020 7460 6716

Music and Video Exchange
38 Notting Hill Gate, W11
Rock, Indie, Folk & Blues
DVD's, Videos
Tel: 020 7243 8574

Music and Video Exchange
208 Camden High St, NW 1
Rock & Pop, Indie, Folk & Blues,
Techno, House, Punk,
Drum 'n Bass, Metal,
DVD's Videos, 7" singles
Tel:020 7267 1898
Basement: Soul, Jazz
Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae, R 'n B
Tel: 020 7267 0123

Music and Video Exchange
23 Greenwich Church St, SE10
R0ck & Pop, House, Techno,
Indie, Hip Hop,
DVD's Videos & 7" Singles
Tel: 020 8858 8898

Music and Video Exchange
95 Berwick St, W1
Rock & Pop, Indie, House, Techno,
Soul, Jazz, Hip H0p,
Drum 'n Bass, Folk,
DVD's, Videos, 7" Singles,
Also: Bargain Basement
020 7434 2939

Classical Music Exchange
36 Notting Hill Gate, W1
CD's & Vinyl, DVD's Videos
Also: Bargain Basement
Tel: 020 7229 3219

Soul and Dance Exchange

42 Notting Hill Gate, W11
Soul, House, Techno, Hip Hop,
Funk, R 'n B, Drum 'n Bass, Reggae,
Jass, Garage, 7" Singles
Also: Bargain Basement
Tel: 020 7221 2793

And just for fun, here's a pic of Jeanne and I at the V&A cafe where we met so that my daughter could see the clothing exhibits. Ironically the exact Chloe dress we saw on display was available for sale at one of the Retro Woman shops!



  1. I couldn't ask for a better shopping partner! A trip to the Retro shops with the Queen of Green made my summer vacation complete! Looking forward to our next shopping venture!

  2. Oh if its shopping related, I'm so there! Honestly though, just hanging out with you was great!

  3. Beautiful photo....you both look great. One question...did you get the Chloe dress? and which shop was it in?

  4. Hi Sideshow Scrapbook -- Nope, the Chloe dress was gorgeous, but not my style at all. Even if it was, I didn't have a spare 400 quid! (Though I suppose for a museum piece that's good?) It was in the designer Retro Woman, I think the one at 32 Pembridge Rd.

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