03 September 2009

Photographer Extraordinaire Barbara Taylor

"The Kiss" photo copyright by Barbara Taylor.

In case you haven't noticed, I've made note of a few recent photos taken by Barbara Taylor. She is one of my dearest friends, and also happens to be one of the best photographers I've seen in some time. Anyone who can catch me in a candid pic without my tongue hanging out or mouth screwed, or even doing the cross-eyed game, is remarkable in my book. But her other, more artistic work speaks for itself.

Barbara got her BA in Editorial Photography from University of Brighton, and is currently pursuing a Photography MA in the same place. Her work has been included in exhibitions in Brighton, London, Barcelona, Majorca, and New York City, and used for live recording CDs officially released to fans by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals. Her work is featured on the University of Brighton Faculty of Arts website Barbara Taylor, which shows her series titled "Beds".

She's unique in her technique as she doesn't usually have something in mind when taking a photo and in her words: "I don't usually approach a subject with an agenda. I connect with the spirit of the place and follow my intuition, telling both my story and the story inspired by the place. Although I do not specialize in portraits, I do love photographing the people close to me, as I feel I have an insight into their essence which I am looking for."

While portraiture isn't a regular part of her work, as you can see from these photos, she aces that as well. I'm so happy to have such lovely photographs of myself and my family, and done so candidly without the fuss of a formal sitting! (Where the photographers do indeed catch me at my worst as I never learned how to pose, my daughter however has it down pat!)

All of these photos were taken by Barbara in Brighton while visiting and enjoying her gracious hospitality, and I'm in dept to her for giving me such beautiful memorable pictures.

If you are interested in her work and wish to contact her, please email her at barbarataylor3@mac.com If you own a gallery, I suggest you consider her for an exhibition!

Cheers and many thanks to Barbara!


  1. Gorgeous! Both you and Princess Gwen!

  2. Thanks! Barbara really is so talented to be able to capture such images candidly.

  3. Michelle just took the words out of my mouth. What a fabulous intense gaze you have in the second shot.
    Queen Marie

  4. Thanks so much Queen Marie! I'm still so shocked she was able to get such amazing images without doing a formal "sitting"!


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