15 June 2009

Shop Idee Fixe SALE Plus 20 % off Code and FREE WORLDWIDE Shipping!

I really need to clear out my overrun house so I've decided to lower prices and have a sale. If you go to my Shop Idee Fixe blog, you be able to use a code for an additional 20% off the sale price. The code is: Rhubarb. (Its an old joke.) And for the time being I am throwing in FREE shipping anywhere in the world. Unfortunately at these prices I can't promise Priority shipping in the US, but I'll try my best. Same rules apply, first comments get the goods, and paypal only. So buy quick before it all goes! The sale is on until 30 June, so shop now before its gone!

Coming this week, loads of great vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. I may even post some funky housewares that need new homes!



  1. I love your blog, I am just sitting here waiting for you to throw up some vintage punk t-shirts... ;)

    liked the creepers alot, but unfortunatley not my size :(

  2. Thanks so much, I'm glad you like the blog! Unfortunately my vintage punk tees are either too dear to me, lost over the years or destroyed beyond recognition! But if I come across any, you bet I'll put them up! I do have a few funky limited edition fetish tees (leftover stock from when I had a shop, I guess they count as vintage they're over 15 years old!) I may put up soon. Too bad on the creepers, they are such a classic!


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