28 June 2009

Idee Fixe Banner and New Look

Did you notice our new look? The marvelous custom-made banner was created specially for me by Alyson Fava.

She also created the Idee Fixe button. (If you'd like to use the button to link to us please email, as there are two versions. Also make sure you let us know so we can return the favour!)

She is so talented that all I did was give her a few very sketchy specifications, and she came up with exactly what I wanted but was unable to describe! Definitely check out her website and consider her if you'd like a customized banner or buttons. I'm sure you'll be as happy with her work for you as I am!



  1. Love the new look! Oh, could you email me your address please - I finally have your wee present ready to go and I lost your address! xx

  2. Thank you! Alyson really did a great job, I only said I wanted a raven (ravens and bats are two creatures that have followed me around since I was a little girl, so they've become a trademark of sorts) and she came up with everything else. It turned out *very* me! I'll email with my details asap! XXX S.


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