29 April 2013

Blue Coupe, Heaps of Fun Not to be Missed!

Tonight the planets aligned, Gwensday was able to sleepover at a friends home, and we were able to have a night out. A glorious night out minus child, even though she usually comes with us to gigs it was nice to be out on our own, oo it was like a date!

We went to the Cutting Room (first time I was there was for the very talented Stacy Lomman's fashion show, her collection was of course divine, as they always are), and its quite a fun venue, very rock n' roll. They now serve food, which I've had the chance to sample a few months ago when some friends from the UK were staying a few doors down at a hotel. Yummy and reasonable.

The fantastic Stratocaster (at least I think they are all Strats) chandler in the main room by the bar. I think I need this...
The ceiling above our seats. The Cutting Room is quite beautiful, great food too!
Blue Coupe is made up of members from Blue Oyster Cult and the Alice Cooper band. They play a mixture of both bands hits, and some original music and have a new album coming out "Million Miles More" available for pre-order here. Alice Cooper sings on one track which should make for an interesting mix of music.

Blue Coupe

Blue Coupe

The Tish and Snooky Bellomo, singing backups.
Oh look a smiling husband, 'tis a rare thing to be found in the wild! And I'm not grimacing as usual, though that wonky right eye is still swollen and bugging me. Oh I can't wait until I can wear contacts again!

Dennis Dunaway in a classic rock n' roll pose. Classic says it all!
Dennis Dunaway's glam bass has a hypnotizing effect on me!
See, hypnotized. I fear Gwensday may want me to customize her bass after seeing this!

It was a lovely night filled with great friends and great music! They will be performing in Poughkeepsie on Friday, 3 May at Shadows on the Hudson, not positive, but this may be the CD release party, so extra fun! I'm hoping to bring Gwensday, providing I can drive (still having probs because of my bum eye) so maybe I'll see some of you there? Come say hi!


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