16 January 2013

New York City Joey Ramone + Holiday Pics

Since the new year started, I've been up to no good, sick with flu, and as a result of that now feeling the winter blahs. So I thought I would share some cheery pics taken in early December when a dear friend from London was visiting. (Come back soon Caroline!)

The Angels leading to Rockefeller Ctr. with the famous tree in the distance.
My friend Caroline from London and I with the tree at Rock Ctr. in the distance.
One of the windows at Saks, it was crazy with tourists so we didn't do the long line to see everything.
The gorgeous Caroline in front of Saks.
One of the few touristy pics of me, in Times Square.

BTW, Caroline is a licensed homeopathist in London, with a thriving practice. She also does consultations worldwide, so if you're interested in her services, please feel free to contact me and I'll put you in touch.

And because I'm feeling nostalgic, my friends are in this video, it mentions clubs I worked and hung out at, shows old haunts, starts and ends with Joey's brother Mickey Leigh (author with Legs McNeil of "I Slept With Joey Ramone"), with the plus that you get a fun tour of NYC (watch it twice, second time focus on the background scenery), I'm leaving you with Joey Ramone singing New York City. (If only he were still here...) Yeah I know a lot of Ramones lately, but screw it, its my blog and I'll do what I want! Plus the Ramones are almost like Looney Tunes; you can find something to correlate with just about any event in your life. (Think about it... well I guess my "older" -- only in number, ye gods I hate that -- readers may get this reference as I don't think they show the original Looney Tunes too often, plus they'll be more familiar with the body of work of the Ramones. I dare you to try it!)

I hope you are all having a great start to the new year!



  1. Amor,
    What a beautiful city New York,buddy and I want to go shopping there one day.
    Love your touristsy glam photo, you look
    Iike a fashion designer.

    1. Hola Bonita! I think everyone should visit NYC at least once. Not everyone likes it, but its definitely one of the worlds greatest cities. Shopping is fun, can be expensive, but also cheap if you know where to go! Mucho gracias for the compliment! XXX

  2. I would love to visit New York at Christmas time.. Hell, I'd like to visit any place in America at any time of the year, but I have seen New York in December a few times through YouTube Videos and it looks spectacular! The displays, the lights and the atmosphere must give such a buzz! Some day when I finally get so visit your wonderful country I'd like to visit Portland, then Salem, then travel onto Sleepy Hollow and then finally New York! Or the other way around, I'm not really fussy but I'd love to road trip my way to those places and whatever little gems I find between! By the way, I LOVE your coat! ~♥~

    1. NY is magical any time of year, and the "buzz" is there all the time! Although, to me it never quite feels like the holiday season until I see the shops and lights, locally it doesn't do it for me, has to be NYC. Tall travel order, you might have to split that into two journeys as Portland is clear across the country, further away from the east coast than the UK to here! Salem is about a 3-4 hour drive from NY, close to Boston. And of course Sleepy Hollow is well under an hour north of the city. If you manage a visit, do let me know. I'd be happy to help you map out a route! XXX PS Sorry, I never got the alert that you had posted, so I only found it just now!

  3. Jon always says I'd love New York and I know I would but it's your coat I'm drooling after, it's gorgeous!!! Hope you feel much better soon! xxx

    1. I think you'd love NY too! You and Jon will have to come visit one day. Thanks, the coat is Betsy Johnson, picked up at a sample sale quite inexpensively about 3 or 4 years ago -- Its so warm, which is surpirsing as its just cotton knit! Thanks, I feel much better-- a few days in bed made all the difference! XXX


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