10 September 2012

Yeah More Vintage...

I decided to get this post out tonight as tomorrow is a day I spend honouring loved ones, friends, clients, and all the others who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks of 9/11, as well as the subsequent events. Honestly, I just want to be alone with my thoughts on that day -- too many awful memories come rushing back. I guess that's what post traumatic stress is. Ugh. I don't let it stop me from living my life and trying to help others enrich theirs, but it is definitely a day for reflection, and keeping myself busy.

Now some fun goodies...

The snowflake patterned glasses, Dansk pitcher, and glass pitcher were all recent finds perhaps in the past month or so. I tend to break glass pitchers (yep just like glasses, call me klutz!) so I pick them up when I see them. I recently smashed a gorgeous one, painted in beautiful colours and an unusual shape. Yes I cried as I cleaned up the shards.

I have no idea what the "bag" is on the left. Its got all kinds of entrees and desserts pictured, four holes punched in the front, and quite roomy. I love the graphics so I'll probably use it to keep my dishtowels handy in the kitchen. The linen towel next to it is the exact cousin to two I purchased sometime in the early '90s. They were brand new as was this (but I'm a lazy ironer.) These were found at that great estate sale a few weeks ago.

Close up of the graphics for this linen "bag". Any ideas what it would've been used for? Maybe the elderly women kept their shotgun ammo in there... Yes there was a shotgun for sale and I wanted it -- gotta prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse! (<~~ yeah only half joking about the shotgun not the Zombie Apocalypse.) 

This is the tablecloth I thought was the exact same as one my grandmother had crocheted. I was wrong. But I do have another that is exactly the same! Someone wanted to buy it off my table at the flea market yesterday! Um no.

How adorable is this? I can't believe I forgot all about it. Its from the 1960s, and was used as a shoe bag to tote an extra pair either for traveling or I recall having a kiddie one for my ballet gear. It is brand new, still even has the original cardboard inside! And GOLD? Not just GOLD, but GOLD faux CROCODILE? 

Okay this looks odd, but its an 80s Scaasi dress believe it or not. Just a really bad angle because I was having the sun play hide and seek whilst trying to take pics! Its linen and has beautiful scallops around the edges. Sadly too big, so its getting sold.

How fantastic is this? Purchased during a church bag sale, perfect condition -- not a single sequin missing. And best of all teensy tiny me fits this little bolero from the 50s! I can t wait to give it an inaugural whirl!

Not sure if you can see but the sequins are iridescent! 

This was an odd find. From the 30s, its plastic coated linen. Or some type of oil cloth? Its a great size and absolutely fantastic when we BBQ at the yacht club (people are slobs with the picnic tables!) I got this in the spring, honestly don't recall how much, but know it was under $2.

This was also from the same sale this spring. Another lovely 30s or 40s tablecloth. Not a single stain on it. Not that I would have cared -- I think of vintage stained linens as having stories to tell. Who spilled the gravy? What little tyke was taking their first bites of solids, better yet their first taste of CHOCOLATE! Besides, I have a magic solution that removes nearly every stain no matter how long. And I'm not telling, nah nah!

This has nothing to do with any of my goodies. Yesterday at the flea market I was wandering in the morning when it was slow (due to a marathon closing off the parkway) when I spotted this orange topaz. Topaz is my birthstone, but I've always hated it. Its usually a kind of murky, yellow, or those blue ones that look so phony. The orange appealed to the Halloween lover in me, so dearest hubby purchased it as a bauble for me. I've never seen one this colour, its really even more orange than shows in the pic especially as its set in sterling. And of course the faceting makes it sparkle more but we couldn't capture it. (WTF? I burn, not tan! I'll blame it on the flash!)

Yeah you guys are probably all sick of this vintage stuff, but I honestly haven't had much luck lately so its been fun. 

If you can tomorrow, please take a moment and say a little prayer for those we've lost on 9/11, and subsequently directly due to the events of that fateful day. The world needs our positive prayers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  1. I join with you in honouring the victims on this day. Take care of yourself today.

    Christine xo


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