29 June 2012

Maxell Advert with Peter Murphy

I've had a bit of a trip down memory lane lately, being pushed (from all angles) into writing my rock n roll life stories. I came across a diary from the early 80s where I had written "Met Peter Murphy" and nothing else. Wtf? I loved that man, still do. Why I didn't write more details is beyond me. I guess I was happy enough to have met and hung out with him. Told the Punk Glam Princess I loved him because he sounded like an animal when he sang! Anyway got talking with the husband (Grand Master Flash of the Ministry of Silly Walks) and remembered that the popular Maxell advertisement here didn't feature Peter Murphy like the one in the UK. YouTube to the rescue!

And since I was taking this wee walk down memory lane, I remembered the opening sequence of
"The Hunger" with "Bela Lugosi's Dead". While I wasn't thrilled with the YouTube videos (they went on and on and def NSFW) I did find an interesting live version with Trent Rezner (Pope Trent, whom I also love as he can sound quite animalistic -- got a theme going there...) and Peter Murphy. It won't let me embed, so you'll have to click on it to view, but definitely worth it!

I hope you've enjoyed my trip down memory lane!



  1. Good god, that takes me back. I remember drooling over Peter Murphy in the Maxwell advert as a teenager. Love to hear more about you meeting him.
    Jon's rock and roll memory is equally disappointing. Sometimes we'll be watching old Top Of The Pops footage and he'll come out with a gem like, "Ian Astbury's girlfriend cut my hair." "Where?" I'll say. "In his swimming pool in LA, I think it was, can't really remember,that period in my life's a bit hazy" xxx

    1. Oh didn't all us girls drool over Pete? Pretty darn nice to look at back then! So funny about Jon, this is how I remember things -- something will be on telly, or someone mention a name and then I go "Oh yeah, taught him how to drink JD shots!" or something equally as silly. Yes it was all quite a blur and very hard to get it committed to memory, but I'm trying! Jon should write his stories down too, bet he's got some great ones! Heehee I sold Ian Astbury his wolf ring! (And yea I drooled over him too, gotta admit he was pretty hot.) XXX Suzanne

  2. OMG you just made my day! What a thrill to hear this and such a fab version!

    1. So glad you liked it! If you go to the NIN.com site there are a bazillion videos of Trent singing with different people, and some faboo versions of old songs (he and Peter Murphy did "Warm Leatherette"! Of course that caused me to remember a few more quirky songs like the Toy Dolls "James Bond Lives Down Our Street") XXX Love, Suzanne

  3. Now that sounds like a book I want to read
    Can I pre-order mine now please.
    Better order a whole bunch...

    Queen Marie

    1. Oh so sorry, no idea why its not alerting me to new comments. Don't hold your breath with the book, its gonna take awhile as I have to find out what I can and can't write. Luckily I do have someone I can ask, who has dealt plenty with things such as this. Just a matter of sitting down and finding out. XXX Suzanne


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