06 December 2011

Queen Bitch

No, I'm not referring to myself (though I'll fully admit I am a Queen Bitch when need be) I'm referring to the David Bowie song. This song keeps coming up -- on a film advertisement (no clue which one, I get too excited hearing the song and jump up and dance when it comes on), on Pandora Radio (it was decided that a "bippity boppity hat" is quite desirable!), and the talk of "Queens" (immediately making me think of this song) on Wendy Brandes' Blog. Considering the inundation of the song, I figured maybe I should post a video. So here is a "Nostalgic Music" post for you to enjoy!

If you like live rehearsal video, this is a fantastic clip of "Queen Bitch" and my personal fav "Rebel, Rebel" ("naughty, naughty, naughty!) The Thin White Duke tour also features an acquaintance!



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