07 October 2011

Steve Mach Tribute

I was working on one of my "Nostalgic Music" posts two weeks ago featuring some old friends and their band. I had stopped because I was looking for a specific picture, taken of one of them a some years back with the Punk Glam Princess holding his bass at CBGB. Monday morning on the 3rd I got the call that Steve Mach -- the friend who's picture I was looking for -- had been killed. Nearly two weeks later friends and I are all in a state of shock as Steve was a gentle soul, loved animals, adored my daughter, and wouldn't hurt anyone. Of course on the morning I found out about his death I opened my photo file and zeroed right in on the photo (in spite of a file of over 5000 photographs) of the Punk Glam Princess holding his bass at CBGB. He loved the PGP always saying how lucky we were to have such a great kid. He really adored her and was thrilled that she was holding his bass.

I think the PGP is pouting because of the noise, she was only 5 in this photo, and you can barely make out the earplugs! CBGB was LOUD!

One of the things that's really freaking me out is that the photo was taken exactly 6 years to the day he died. ):

RIP Steve, this ones for you. I know we can't bring you back but are working for justice so that your death isn't in vain.



  1. That was a wonderful story- thank you so much. Steve is as close to "family" to me as a blood relative. I've known him for 27 years all the way back to the early Vamps days in Baltimore. It has been a really difficult time for everyone who knew Steve & loved him. I will miss his long-winded phone calls that were pretty much a repeat of everything we've talked about 100 times already, same stories, same comments...hahah. I love Steve so much and look forward to celebrating his life at the Memorial in Baltimore on Sunday. I'm flying back from Las Vegas where I live, as I would never miss the opportunity to do something in his honor.
    God bless you for the wonderful photo and story and kind words. Steve Mach's legacy will continue due to the incredible memories he's left all of us with.

  2. Hi Donna, thank you for coming by and relating your story. I think everyone who knew Steve is quite shaken and stunned by what happened. He was well loved and will be greatly missed. I was hoping to come this weekend, but have come down really sick so I'm not sure I can, which upsets me even more. Maybe I'll have a miraculous recovery and be able to make it!


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