18 August 2011

Lipgloss with a Humanitarian Twist

I was pleasantly surprised to find a package in the post the other day. No note, just three tubes of what looked liked very luscious lip gloss. Being the crazy researcher I am I found the website and wrote to the owner asking why me? Well as it turned out, it was my relation to Pretty City and after reading about her company I decided this was something that must be written about.

Here follows my unbiased review, along with the humanitarian efforts of the wonderfully big-hearted woman Michelle Coyle Edwards.

Lets first discuss the lip gloss. The company name is " Haughty Cosmetics", great name for a cosmetics company IMO! 17 great colours to choose from with cheeky names like "Take a Risk" and "Make a Statement" Colours range with something to suit anyone. I was sent three colours, and have decided to test one so I can give my unbiased opinion. Then I'll be doing a give away the other two to spread some love and lip gloss!

The colours I was sent are "Take a Risk", "Polish it Off", and "Speak Up". Of course being me, I had to choose "Take a Risk" which not only sums up my rebellious philosophy, but goes quite perfectly with my newly chopped off cotton candy pink hair!

Described as "bright watermelon pink" I thought it suited me perfectly as a nice change of colour for summer!

(Edited to add photos of the lip gloss with the fabulous long applicator, and a photo of me wearing "Take a Risk") The photos were taken in the evening so they don't quite make the impact they do during the day. But I think you can get a good idea of the amount of pigmentation, and the fab slight shimmer -- good things to me whether I'm looking for gloss or lipstick!
To be honest, I'm not usually a fan of lip gloss, I'm more of a lipstick gal. But the consistency of these are lovely -- not sticky, and they stay on for ages (one of my major pet peeves about glosses, they always come off too quickly making application a nightmare!) I also love that every tube is hand filled, making this a very special enterprise! The lip gloss had a lovely consistency, with a huge generously sized wand (finally, no dinky little wander you have to keep dipping to get some colour on your lips!) and I must admit, it lasted pretty much all day, through lattes and all!

For every lip gloss sold, 50% of the net profits go to domestic violence education prevention. Unfortunately Michelle knows all too well how difficult to be in an abusive relationship and how hard it is to get out of one. She's using her business savvy and big heart to help girls and women empower themselves and get the education needed to end domestic abuse. So not only is your money well spent on a small business (hopefully to change soon!) but you are directly contributing to a very important humanitarian effort!

Domestic violence is something we need more education about, and this is just the perfect way to get that word out. Most designers opt to only give small amounts of their special projects which doesn't really amount to much (of course every little bit helps!) This enterprise will bring much needed education. I encourage all of you to take a look at Haughty Cosmeticswebsite and read the amazing work this woman has taken on herself. I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I when I read her story. Seriously, I couldn't stop reading each and every page and you should too!

I will be giving two lip glosses away, one to each entrant. This is open to everyone worldwide. The colours available are "Speak Up" what I would call a coppery pink, and "Polish it Off" seenhere on the site. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment with your choice of colour. And if you'd like a second entry, simply follow me on twitter and also state your colour choice. I'll keep the promotion open until the 13 September so you have plenty of time to make an entry!

Most of all, pass the word on Michele, an amazing woman, her courage and generosity!


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