14 September 2010

Stacy Lomman's Debut

Last night I was graciously invited to attend the debut collection of Stacy Lomman. I loved the dresses, and have no doubt they will be a hit with buyers and clients as well. You will definitely see more of Stacy in season's to come!

Here are a few photos I snapped, they honestly don't do the dresses justice.

Love the Jean Harlow vibe on this one! Want!

Stacy in one hell of a show stopping creation!

In all, I loved that the silhouettes were all different, even with different hem lengths. Which means many different women can wear these fab dresses! And I do hope to have one some day... soon as I figure an event I can wear one to!

Thank you Stacy for a lovely evening, and I wish you the best of luck in the tough fashion world. You've got what it takes and you'll make it, I feel it in my bones!



  1. Aw, I love that picture of Stacy with the flowers! So glad you were able to come!

  2. I SO wish I could have been there! What a fabulous show!

  3. I'm so glad you came!!! Thanks for being there and thank you for the flowers! How sweet!
    Let's find an event for you so that you can wear a dress!

  4. Very nice, love the steel metallic dress!

  5. This show looks a treat. Different hem lengths - now that's one very kind designer, who wants women to feel gorgeous. The first dress is utterly sublime and I already know how I'd wear it! xo

  6. Pull Your Socks Up & Pixelhazard, that first one *was* special. from what I recall there was a bit of corsetry going on in the back. And the way it stood out from the body was like sculpture. I def wouldn't mind owning that one in another colour. The palest chartreuse as the main colour with perhaps ivory or super pale peach accents would please me so very much!
    Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  7. That black dress is so on my list! It's just so fabulous that I want to grab it off the screen! I am looking forward to more of her creations!
    Luc Jenson
    70's Clothing

  8. Such fun! I'd love to wear any of those dresses.
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    Love your blog!!
    Roberto da Silva

  9. Great stuff! I'm getting a kick out of reading blog.


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