26 July 2010

Novica and National Geographic Bring you Artison Items from Around the World

I was recently contacted by the lovely people of Novica asking me if I would like to write about their incentive which is in conjunction with National Geographic. They have so many items from artisans all over the world, handcrafted to bring you the best the world has to offer.

Upon checking out their site (I am very picky about who I write about and not all PR's are of the same ilk) I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of gifts, jewelry, art, clothing, and more. If you have preference for a certain country's artisans, you can choose the area you're most interested in. Say you're a huge fan of Mexican jewelry, just click under "jewelry" then "Mexico" and all the jewelry crafted by artisans in Mexico will show up for you to peruse.

The other incentive Novica has is called "Novica Artisan Loans" also called "Microfinance" (http://microfinance.novica.com/ as well as an FAQ: http://microfinance.novica.com/faq/) an incentive they came up with to help artisans who wouldn't be able to obtain loans through banks, etc. If you'd like you can make a loan to specific artisans,and each one tells what they need to grow their business. It's a wonderful way to know you're helping mall businesses grow worldwide, and hopefully get themselves out of poverty.

Novica was so kind as to offer me a gift certificate to try out the service.And what a difficult time I had choosing from the many beautiful hand-crafted items. You'll have to wait until my items arrive to see what I choose. But here are just a few categories you can choose from.

Handmade Jewelry: http://jewelry.novica.com/ The list of what's available is exhaustive, and not only beautiful, but affordable. Great for gift-giving.

Unique Gifts: http://unique-gifts.novica.com/ Again you'll find many unique gift items to suit all tastes!

There are many other categories to choose from, these are but a few. Do check it out, I'm sure you'll find something beautiful, and help an artisan grow their business!


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