20 May 2010

Sample Sale Report: Melissa Vivienne Westwood

Today was such a beautiful spring day -- not too hot, not too chilly -- just perfect springtime sunshine. So when I picked the Punk Glam Princess up from school, I posed a quick nip into the city to go to the Melissa sample sale. She (as usual) was totally up for it, so off we went. We even scored a free parking space right out front, so the sample sale Gods were with us!

First let me tell you, if you can make it, do try. Its extremely well organized, with loads of help on hand to assist you in finding styles and sizes. The prices are very reasonable, ranging from about $35- $150. If you happen to wear a sample size 6, there are two bins with each pair only $20! Lucky me! The PGP pulled out a pair for me straight away... and low and behold, I scored a pair of those crazy wedge Vivienne Westwood ankle straps with... WINGS in magenta! Yes, they're a little wacky, but I really adore them, and they are so very comfy as your foot is completely flat!

Sorry for the blurry pic, not so good at taking pics while bending down!

This one is much clearer, and you can see the shape perfectly. Love! Absolutely perfect for perking up a dull summer outfit!

I've been in dire need of a new pair of wellies (my preferred garden attire, not to mention they always come in handy when visiting the English countryside!) and have been in love with the Vivienne Westwood squiggle design since it first appeared in the 80's. But I've never been able to find the wellies in my size. Score! They were a bit more, but I'm still pleased with the price.

YAY! I got my squiggle wellies! And I just realized they'll look fab with my red trench!

The PGP fell in love with a bin filled with some cute little bags. There wasn't a price, so I told her she could go ask the man herself (she likes being "grown up that way!) So she did, and he told her they were $5, but that he wanted her to have it! Then he even gave her two Melissa key rings, a silver "M" and a white heart. As you can see, she put it to use right away!

I don't know why the flash made it look black, but its actually a lovely plum colour. Note the key rings, and how she put it to use straight away! My little fashion lover! (You can see her camera, she was also snapping pics like mad, I'll have to get her to upload them as I'm curious what she found so interesting!)

I stupidly put back two pairs of the sample sized flats, which on the way home I did a palm to forehead "duh" as I've been wanting to get a pair that I could toss in my bag to keep for those days when the heels get to be too much. These would be perfect as they won't get as destroyed as some of the ones I've seen that are being marketed for that purpose. Plus they'd hold up forever, just wipe clean! No biggie, I think I'll be able to hit the sample sale again on the last day, Saturday.

Here is the info in case you are interested in hitting it:
Where/When: 520 W. 27th St., b/t Tenth & Eleventh Aves., Suite 601
Wednesday May 19 through Saturday May 22. (Noon- 8pm)
If you’re not familiar with Melissa brand, its from Brazil. The shoes are made out of recyclable materials, including Melflex, which is a type of plastic that provides extra comfort, durability and resistance to water. There are many Vivienne Westwood designs still available, as well as great Melissa styles, though I did notice there were mostly flats.

Oh and they also gave me a beautifully photographed and styled Melissa magazine showing forthcoming styles:

Dita Von Teese
Dita again, I LOVE these shoes with the cherries! I believe these are another new Vivienne Westwood Dragon Lady design.
I believe these are yet another new Vivienne Westwood design
Ah, look at these bejeweled beauties!
I quite like those oxfords!
I'm not a flats kind of girl, but can you imagine leaving flowery footprints? How girly! Not to mention stunning!
Ah, now these I could go for big time!
Melissa magazine photos courtesy of Melissa.

We rounded the evening out going to The Cowgirl Hall of Fame for dinner, which was our old haunt when I had my shop just up the street. This was actually the very first restaurant the PGP had been to when only days old, and we've gone many times over the years so she loves it. And of course we had to take a peek to see what was going on with my old space, and its yet again changed hands. Oh well, I don't suppose anyone will be able to make a 10 year run now that the neighborhood has become Marc Jacobs central :snicker: Its terribly sad to see how the neighborhood has changed and there's no more character, only high-end shops selling boring clothing. Ah for the days of diversity and funky little mom and pop shops!

So did you go the sample sale? What did you get? Do you plan on going? Anyone fancy going with me on Saturday? Just let me know in the comments, or email me at punk.glam.queen at gmail dot com.



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