15 March 2010

Jean-Pierre Braganza A/W 2010-11

Now that my hand is finally starting to heal and I can type a little bit more, its high time I wrote about my LFW experience!

The crowd was crazy, but being a New Yorker, I've always walked straight to the front like and it works for me! And who was next to me but the lovely Liberty London Girl, Sacha! (For all my barging tendencies I was too shy to introduce myself!) There was some idiot with his camera equipment smack dab in front of me and kept knocking me in the head! After much protestation, the guy finally got the hint and split. That's when the line finally moved.

Inside it was packed, Pixie Geldof, Roisin Murphy, and I think I spotted Erin O'Connor. Even Colin McDowell was smack dab in front of me. As a first time LFW newbie, I couldn't have a better taste of the best London has to offer. And I have to owe it all to Queen Michelle who pulled strings and got me on the list (she really rocks and I'm proud to count her and Queen Marie as friends!)
Gosh I couldn't avoid Pixie as she was dead across from me!

Okay on to the show -- it was Felder+Felder, Jean-Pierre Braganza, and Hannah Marshall. MY fav was definitely JPB, he has such an amazing way of cutting clothes that make you just want to jump out of your seat to touch them. Sadly my first 7 pics do them no justice, but I did find a few floating around the Internet (please let me know if they are yours so I can credit or take down if you wish.)

Oh look Colin McDowell's head!

This was the finale.

Now for the "good" photos...

I adore this print and the dress itself!

Same here, very classy.

These last two are my absolute favs, so very me!

It was a wonderful night, filled with gorgeous covetable clothes that I dream of one day owning! Thank you again to Queen Michelle and to Jane Gorley, as well to the talent of Jean-Pierre Braganza. I wish you much success!

Cheers and I hope I get to attend again next year!


  1. Well partially... if you saw how long it took me to write this the enthusiasm would be dead! But still, I'm grateful for the progress I've made. Now to get rid of this stupid ugly brace! (At least its black, heehee!)

  2. WOW!!!!!Love these thanks so much for such a great post!

  3. Thanks Jeanne -- the clothes are really gorgeous, I want want want!


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