31 December 2009

Links à la Mode ****for week of December 31st, 2009****

Links à la Mode

****for week of December 31st, 2009****
links a la mode


Edited by Sandra/Debutante Clothing
It’s over kids – 2009 is done. Everyone is probably completing their resolutions list, which we never keep past March. This year, I have no list. I have just promised myself to evolve – learn something new, try new products, evolve in my style. Making yourself better, not different, seems to be on many bloggers’ minds. Fasshonaburu evolves by discovering her style, Fashion Cents helps us shop for designer while feeling great about our budget, and Hello Beauty teaches us how to finally do a smoky eye, quickly and simply. We don’t need to spend a lot, try too hard, or even shop a lot to start anew – we can make 2010 the year we get one year better than the last. Happy New Year – Cheers!

Links à la Mode : December 31st

  • British Style Bloggers – positive body image campaign for 2010 needs your help!

  • Daily Diva Dish – Urban Decay Giveaway – Book of Shadows, Volume 2

  • Debutante Clothing – ‘Couture’, 1990s – Trends in Vintage To Keep and Say Buh Bye To

  • Dedicated Follower of Fashion – Style Soundtrack: A Winter Wonderland. Plan a pretty outfit, listen to a pretty song

  • El Fashionista – did an illustration for a 2010 Shoe Calendar (and there’s a high-res download!)

  • Fashion Cents – gives you 3 tips for successfully shopping online sample sales

  • Fashion Pulse Daily – snags an interview with the woman behind the lovely Love Rocks NY jewelry line, Limor Ratzabi Zenker

  • fasshonaburu – surprising revelations about her personal style

  • Fine Social – editorial – Color Theory

  • grit and glamour – 2009 Fashion MVP – Which fashionista has transformed herself from LA-skanky to uber-swanky?

  • Hello Beauty – Review of new Urban Decay Smoke Out Kits that make it really easy to do smoky eyes

  • House in Tillford – A look back at the trends of 2009

  • Ideefixemon – styles Rodarte for Target

  • Idiosyncratic Style – Who do you think rocks the leopard spotted coat?

  • Intrinsically Florrie – interviews the talented young fashion illustrator Derek Cardigan

  • Retro Chick – :Ethical Design Spotlight – Cruelty free shoes from Beyond Skin

  • Style On a String – The New Age of Sexy

  • the3st – A conversation with Mei Mei Ding of the revived Central European brand Alter & Kiss, about the firm’s rich history and commitment to cultivating top fashion talent globally

  • twentyteneightyfour – ‘One Size Fits All’ editorial in V Magazine – not convinved

  • Unfunded – Christmas Detox, Coset Peekage and Secrets to Successful Thrift Shopping

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