10 December 2009

Target To-Go Demystified

Thursday I had the chance to pop by the Target To-Go shop to preview how it works. One bonus of shopping the Target To-Go shop is that they have four pieces from the upcoming Rodarte collection which won't drop in stores and online until 20 Dec! I must tell you if you are planning to go, make sure to bundle up! Being near the river you get those brisk, cold gusts that will make shopping outdoors uncomfortable if you aren't properly dressed. Other than that, its a really quick, fun way to pick up some gifts quickly and already wrapped and ready to give. Here's the low-down.

When you arrive, you will get a clipboard with pen. On the clipboard there is a numbered list with small pics of each of the items available for sale. The top part is where you mark off your choices, and add your name for pick-up. The number in the right hand corner is the number you will use for pick-up.

Clipboard with order form at top.

Next you move to the windows, where each item is displayed, with its number. Gifts include electronics (a video camera and Wii Fit were two things of note), clothing (four pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection), beauty (Burt's Bee's), and more. If you're unsure of sizing on the Rodarte dresses, you won't be able to try them on but they can be exchanged in any Target store. (You'll probably hit the store when the rest of the collection drops anyway!) The windows show gifts by prices, under $25, under $50 and more.

Now you move on to the registers where you pay and your order is put in to be pulled. After paying, you'll move down to the pick-up area where you give them the number on your order form and are then handed a reusable Target shopping bag that contains your order. Each item is wrapped in a reusable gift bag, and tied up with a bow and a gift card for you to fill out! (Seriously, I want more of these, will have to stalk Target to see if they have them for sale!) Voila! You're done! If there isn't a long line, the whole process takes less than five minutes. Thursday they had the waffle truck outside (thank goodness, the hot chocolate did a good job of warming me up, and the waffles are pure heavenly indulgence -- follow their twitter here) so hopefully they or another truck will be available to warm cold toes!

The line of registers and pick-up area at the very end.

Behind the registers.

My Target To-Go purchase: reusable tote, reusable gift bag, catalog.

Also, if you spend $100 and over, Target will offer FREE same-day delivery to your door between Battery Park and 99th Street! Shop, then relax that you don't have to lug your purchases around!

There are promotions going on such as Rachel Bilson kicking off the official opening at 9.30 on Friday morning. Also sign up for their twitter (http://twitter.com/TargetToGoNY) to find gift tags scattered around the city. Bring the tag to the Target To-Go shop for a gift card worth anywhere from $10-$500! The bonus is that for every gift card redeemed in the Target To-Go store, Target will donate $100 to the Salvation Army to benefit families in need. Target will also be giving out $100 gift cards to families in need on opening day so that they can do some holiday shopping (sadly I know for many this will be the only holiday shopping they do, damn this economy!)

Edited to add: Here is a twitpic of what the tags look like: http://twitpic.com/t1x2p

I caved in and purchased the peach Rodarte dress. The vintage-y style appealed to me, and it was a decent price. Granted, I have many vintage slips in a similar style, however at this point they've become too precious for me to wear out so this will be a great alternative. I also see it as a great piece for layering (I'm constantly cold, so layering is my life!)

Rodarte Peach Dress, $39.99

Target To-Go is located at the entrance to the High Line, on Washington St. corner of Gansevoort St. in the West Village. Its open Friday 11 through Sunday 13 December, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

So are you planning to hit the Target To-Go shop this weekend? What did you buy?



  1. Oooh love that peach dress! I'm such a sucker for that colour. Purty!

  2. I knew you would love it, I'm a huge fan of peach too!

  3. That's such a problem with great vintage -- it can become too precious. Discovered an annoying hole in an Ossie Clark the other day. Boo!

  4. Oh no not Ossie Clark! Well at least it wasn't your faboo Patrick Robinson... I found my PR baby doll! She's falling apart, I'll have to try and fix her than post.


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