06 September 2009

A Great Cut -- Age Appropriate Vs. Personal Style

As I mentioned previously, part of our holiday was visiting with friends in Brighton. My friend and I got ourselves new haircuts at the Rush salon in Brighton. The lovely Esther pictured below did an amazing job and really listened to, and executed exactly what I wanted. I told her to think "Brigitte Bardot as a Rocker Chick" and got exactly that. Yay!

The lovely, talented Esther from Rush Salon in Brighton

I was a big fan of the Lee Stafford salons as they seemed focused on giving great cuts, and was told by my friend in Brighton that Rush does similar training. Esther formerly worked at Lee Stafford, so I new I'd be getting a great cut. If you are in the Brighton area and looking for a great stylist, please do consider going to Rush and requesting Esther. She's got two happy clients I know of, and I'm sure all of her clients are as well!

Rush Salon,
160 North St,
Sussex BN1 1EZ
01273 730 456

As a former hair stylist, I know exactly how important it is to get a good cut first and foremost, and once I have one, I can easily give myself regular trimming to keep it looking great. Whilst this can be difficult, its a sad fact that when I try getting a cut here at home I always come home in tears. Yet abroad, I get exactly what I want. They seem to "get" me better abroad rather than at home (if that makes any sense.)

Admittedly, I am fast-approaching my 50th birthday, but my style is hardly what you would call "suburban housewife mumsy". Which is what I get here, even though I show up keeping as close as possible to my "normal" look and stress how much I want my hair choppy and messy, with an edge. I've always disliked being pigeon-holed and labeled, and now dislike this simply based upon my age. I've not given up on style simply because I'm married, have a child, and live in the suburbs; nor do I wish to look as if I have. I want to look like myself: my crazy who-gives-a-fig-about-age self. I've noticed so many women -- much younger I might add -- who do exactly that. They seem as if they're beaten down and have given up on looking like themselves and conformed to what is considered "the norm". Not me. Not ever. My young daughter is proud her mother looks stylish as she is very interested in fashion and is a budding Punk Glam Princess.

I plan on looking as wacky as possible as I age, and even have a crazy hat collection I intend on wearing once I hit 70 or so. No "age appropriate" dressing here, I have my personal style, and I plan on letting it continue to evolve as I age. If I fancy something intended for a 20 or 30 year old, you can bet I'll find a way to make it look "age appropriate" for me!

(Look under my previous post "Photographer Extraordinaire Barbara Taylor to see pics of my new 'do.)



  1. the right haircut can make any outfit look and feel loads better.

  2. I plan on looking wacky too ;-)

  3. Kristen -- you bet! If my hair looks crappy, I feel crappy.

    Wendy -- Yay! There is going to be a whole slew of hot looking wacky old ladies!


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