24 September 2009

Christopher Kane for Top Shop Arrival!

Yesterday my Christopher Kane order arrived from Top Shop! I'm absolutely thrilled with the two pieces I chose: the Crocodile Dress, and Embellished Leggings. Top Shop also included some fun crocodile stickers (which my Punk Glam Princess has already laid claim to!)

The dress (as seen in my previous post on Top Shop's FNO) fits perfectly and gives me a lovely lean look. Being petite, sometimes length is a problem, but not this time, its perfect! And I actually prefer the cut to the higher priced simian versions.

Christopher Kane Embellished Leggings, click to purchase at Top Shop (photo courtesy of Top Shop)

After I placed my order I started getting a little worried about my choice of the leggings, not sure I could pull them off. My worries were completely unfounded, as the fit is just right, and they are really very special. The mesh fabric is the same fabric I used to use when I designed lingerie, essentially its girdle fabric -- the same fabric you will find on the sides of bras and in modern bustiers and corsets. Back then I had made myself a pair of leggings as well as a waspie corset (essentially a waist cincher) entirely out of this fabric (without any embellishment) because I loved the look of the mesh especially over something either textured or of a different colour. The beauty of these is that they really do act like a very fancy pair of super-duper Spanx! Every single bulge is smoothed and sucked in, and even the Punk Glam Princess commented on how trim they make me look! I'll wear them as a layering piece, like tights under a skirt or dress. The embellishments are lovely and are reinforced and very sturdy (another concern as grommets do have a way of popping when stressed.) Honestly they weigh a good 2 or 3 pounds from all the hardware! The asymmetrical design created with the mirrors and grommets makes a very flattering silhouette. I'm so glad I didn't drop them from my cart in a panic over whether I could wear them or not. The past few days have turned hot again, so the last thing I want to do is play with layering but as soon as it cools down again, they are definitely going to get some heavy wear! Since it is so warm I can start wearing my crocodile dress right away, I adore my new goodies!



  1. Good choice, the legging is KILLER!

    One Love,

  2. Thanks, I'm so glad I didn't chicken out!

  3. perfect choice...i want them so badly.

  4. LOVE These! Lucky you can't wait to see them in person!
    P.S. A belated thanks for such a wonderful TopShop post.

  5. VintageGoa, thanks for your comment! I tried to leave a comment about your stunning coat, but not sure if it went through.

    Jeanne, I will have to make sure I wear one of these when I see you next! Glad you enjoyed the Top Shop post. I have a serious addiction...


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