06 August 2009

Holiday Time! And Surprise Discount Balenciaga!

We will be taking a well-deserved and needed holiday, and I honestly think the last thing I will be thinking about is this blog. Sorry! Too many dear friends to visit with, new places to explore. And stories to write. But I will leave you with this interesting tidbit....

The other day my daughter and I took a trip up to Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Center. We were looking for school shoes for her as we had found some fabulous deals in the past and were hoping to find the same this trip. She was very pleased with her selections!

The news was all over blogs, newspapers, and magazines so most of us had heard that a Balenciaga outlet had opened back in April, but the very few mentions online didn't make it sound like a bargain shopper's paradise. But the lure of quality goods at discount prices was too much to bear and I just had to have a peek inside. And what I found was almost too good to be true! 40% off, but that was off the already marked down prices for shoes! Handbags were 20% off the markdown price! Jesse, the sales assistant that so graciously helped me make my selections was as sweet as they come, and honestly all the sales assistants were also very helpful, polite, and dare I say it -- without pretense. Some of the outlets up there are quite snobby (um for shop worn two seasons old stock? Get over yourself!) But this was clearly a case of the opposite, not only a bargain hunter's dream, but a shopper's delight, making my visit quite pleasant.. I wound up purchasing two pairs for myself, and another pair for a friend who asked me to pick them up for her. Since we weren't sure of her size I wound up getting two different sizes, and some lucky friend will be the benefit of my thrifty purchase. Check out my gorgeous selections...

6 Inch platform Stilettos with a triple ankle strap. Believe it or not they are quite comfy. (No idea why the camera angle makes my calves look huge!)

5 inch heel with platform. Gorgeous, buttery soft suede. I love that the heel is partially a wedge, and it satisfies my urge for wedges. Ignore the weird angle that makes my foot look like its too small for the shoe. I can assure you they fit like a glove! (I guess having a 9.5 year old photographer may have something to do with the weird angles! But she's learning!)

I wound up getting two pairs of beautifully crafted Italian leather shoes for the price of one crappy pair at some chain store like Aldo. I will not scrimp on quality when it comes to shoes as I am quite hard on them and prefer having something that will last season after season. (I tend to go for classic styles that live on -- one day I will photograph my vintage collection to prove my point. Imelda has nothing on me, as I've been a collector and seller of vintage for over 30 years and have the shoe collection to prove it!)

Woodbury Commons is easily accessible via car (under an hour from the city) and they run bus specials as well. Make sure to sign up on their website for a voucher book that has additional coupon savings, as well as unadvertised specials. Chelsea Premium Outlets then click under "Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Center." You'll have to sign up for the VIP club to get the voucher, but they don't spam you with email so its worth it.

If you do visit Balenciaga, Jesse will be glad to help you! Its located at 885 Grapevine Court, and the phone number is 845.929.2006, he said the sale was ongoing, and that they would continue to recieve more merchandise through the end of the month.

One word of warning when shopping any designer outlet center -- know your prices! Many outlets discount from regular retail, some don't discount at all on the off chance that you'll think its a bargain and scoop it up. Such was definitely not the case at Balenciaga.


  1. OMG! My mouth hit the floor. You found two AMAZING pairs of shoes. Love them!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pics! Now ring up Jesse and get your order in asap! Saw some fab boots on their way in for autumn/winer!


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