11 May 2009

'70's Biba Meet '09 Barbara Hulanicki

When pictures surfaced a few days before the line was due to hit the stores of Mary Kate Olsen in the only piece I wanted from the Barbara Hulanicki for Top Shop line, I knew it would sell out. And I knew my chances of finding one would be slim if I didn't get to it online as soon as it came up on the site. Well, I missed out, and it sold out online. It was also sold out in the Soho store except for one piece. One piece, slightly soiled, but in my size. So I scored, and I got a little discount because of the soiling (which I was able to get out thank goodness.)

This is the Barbara Hulanicki "Moth Girl" dress/ blouse. I love the design (I actually find moths quite interesting) and how it still has that original Biba art deco feel to it. The front is shorter than the back, and the orange stars are actually coppery metallic embroidery.

Here's my score along with original '70's Biba boots I got at a stall in Camden market in the mid-80's. They're snakeskin stiletto booties and have gotten a lot of wear from me over the years, but I treasure them and will never part with them!


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