23 March 2009

Top Shop Anticipation...

Ever since Top Shop announced they were opening their first US shop in Soho, I've been dying of anticipation! First the opening was supposed to be in November '08, then it got moved to this month, now we finally have a definite opening day of 2 April. I have been a long time lover of Top Shop, and its always at the top of my list when I visit London. Unfortunately last trip was such a whirlwind that I barely had a look around as we were so pressed for time and didn't get to purchase anything ): So you can bet I will be at the opening as I'm completely jonesing for a Top Shop fix! I've always got some shoes I'm drooling over and one of the things I've noticed is the typical incorrect sizing for shoes in European sizes. I wear a European 36, American 6, UK 4. But on their UK site, they have 36 listed as a UK 3 which would be a US 5. So I've missed out on so many pretty shoes when I've checked the US site because I'm confused on the sizing. Being able to try them on will be my only way of knowing for sure. I'm completely in love with three styles (click on the links to take you directly to purchase at Top Shop):

Safari VooDoo Inspired Sandal $145

Latice Caged Sandal $145

Pyramid High Sandal Boot $190

One of these babies will be mine.... I just can't decide! The Pyramid High Sandal and Voodoo Inspired Sandal are very similar, but those Latice Caged Sandals are oh so YSL (which I can't afford ): ) Which do you think I should get?

There are also a few handbags I really like:

Leather Tassel Shoulder Bag $160

Suede Stud Handle Bag $145
I just don't have any suede bags as I think they usually get worn looking really quickly, so I'm apprehensive.

Leather Trim Slouch Bag $100
The colour is really appealing to me, but its also a bit out of character for me. Plus, again its suede.

Stud Detail Holdall Bag $160
Grey might be different for a change, I'm just not sure I'll adore grey in a year or so.

They also had a cute bucket style, but it seems now its only in stock online in white, which would be completely ruined in a day around my kid. I don't recall if I've ever purchased handbags from Top Shop. Does anyone know what the quality is like?

I'm so excited that they'll be debuting the newest Kate Moss collection as well. She collaborated with Liberty on this one, and I have some gorgeous vintage Liberty prints, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what she did. I'm also happy that last month they started a blog, called Inside Out. According to the blog, they'll have a van driving around the city giving out goodie bags starting on the 23rd, so look out for them and maybe you'll get lucky! Racked has had a countdown with pictures of the progress if you are interested in having a sneak peek.

Anyone planning on going opening day?



  1. I love every single shoe posted here! I have this insatiable appetite for stappy, kick ass shoe boots! Thanks for the eye candy.

  2. I know, its a really hard decision! There are some other boots I'm considering as well... then of course whatever clothing. Oh mamma mia! I'm gonna wind up spending a fortune! My husband went yesterday to try and get me a goody bag, but they had already left ):

  3. Euro size 36 is definitely a UK size 3 :) Also if you want to order shoes online, i know from experience that topshop shoes run a bit big, especially the heels, just to warn you!

  4. Its crazy, a Euro 36 in the US is a size 6, and even in Europe its a US 6. Today I got an order from them and ordered a US 5, and its a 36! The UK seems to be the only place that does that. I'm definitely a UK 4, not a 3, so go figure! Thanks for the info, I've shopped with them in the UK forever, so I usually am able to try things, and you're right the heels do tend to run a bit big. The ones I got today I'm a little peeved over -- they're gorgeous, fit perfect, but the description said they were leather. They're suede! White suede no less... don't know if I'll keep them as those may be too difficult to keep clean between my very messy daughter and dog!


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