12 December 2013

Happy Birthday to our Daughter

Today our daughter Gwensday Addams turns 14. I can't believe it, kids really do grow up  so fast; feels like yesterday I was pushing her in a pram or teaching her to read. Now she is very much her own person -- intelligent, quirky, creative, musical, funny as all get out (driest sense of humour I've seen since my nephew & I!), and of course gorgeous. I like to think she got the best of each of our gene pool, her creativity, quirkiness, & humour from me, her intelligence & musical ability from her dad. She even looks like a combo of both of us (of course making her devastatingly stunning!) We're so proud of her, she went through hell in middle school (Dante's 7 circle of hell? Or is it level? Read it over 30 years ago in Italian so memory fails!) and was bullied terribly but she is flourishing in High School as we had hoped. We're also proud of her accomplishments in the face of all that shit that went down, she never caved & became "one of them" instead got more unique (okay a little rebelliousness from mum), nonjudgmental, has no idea what prejudice is, is involved in many different school related activities. One I'm quite proud of is she volunteered to be on the committee for the GSA (Gay/ Straight Alliance, but encompasses all sexual identities), as she dislikes anyone being hurt for what they are and always wants to bring understanding to people. (<~insert proud parent disclaimer for this entire paragraph.)

She'll always be our "Prettiest Star" but for her today I'm sharing a song she loves. Yes she shares my sense of the macabre & wants me to make a ring tone of the screaming (there's that dry humour!) So here is Jack Off Jill with "Witch Hunt" for our special girl. (NSFW due to the explicit lyrics). It starts off with music from "Silent Hill" if that gives you a good idea of how creepy the song is!

We love you Gwensday Addams!

Also want to give a shout out Happy Birthday to Gwensday's birthday twin Dub Trance! Love you sweets, have the best day ever!

Mum & Dad


  1. Awwww so sweet! Fuckin' middle school ughhhh! I can tell she's awesome :)

    1. Thanks! Yep middle school seems to be hell for anyone who doesn't like to bully others! Well the bullies are nobodies now, and I hope they get a taste of what they did to my daughter and others in high school where they're now small potatoes! XXX

  2. Happy, happy birthday beautiful Gwensday!!! You certainly are growing more beautiful each day and I feel so lucky to "know" you ... I feel we will meet one day:). I also wish Mama a happy birthday because indeed it was the very special day you gave birth to your darling girl. I'm so happy to hear Gwensday has settled into high school and she finally has some wonderful people in her school life. Big hugs to you all from Anto and I - Anto says "keep on playing the bass". xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks Désirée, I will tell her what you said! I do feel like one day we'll meet... I keep asking if we can move to AU, wouldn't mind escaping the frigid temps here! Its wonderful that she's finally out of that vicious circle and finally enjoying school, activities and new friends. She's a strong lass but it took its toll, hopefully all is changing now. Heehee I will tell her Anto said to keep playing, she's been slacking off! XXX


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