22 November 2013

Recent "Date" Nights Out

I've been lazy about writing mostly because the stress this time of year is pretty overwhelming for us. We've got Thanksgiving on the 28th, my birthday on the 29th, 13 days later Gwensday's birthday, 13 days after that Xmas, then four days later my husband's birthday. Yipes! And every year I say I'll get a handle on it, but its hard with a fickle teen, so nope not ready! And yes the stress has set in pretty bad, boo!

Back to the subject of this post...

We don't often get a chance to get out and have a "date night" as I don't like leaving our daughter alone at night. But we took a chance when a couple of things came up & had a great time!

The first was a gig were gifted tix to us (thanks Andy!) I had posted on FB a question to see if anyone could guess who it was we saw. The hint was: "One of the main members last name appears in the band name (the other part is his wife's last name), he was formerly a guitarist for a 70s hard rock band (if I gave you one song name you'd get it straight away!) They now play what you would say is a cross between Ren Faire music & rock. Can you name the guitarist? Here is a pic of him and his wife at the show."

Only one person guessed, even with the pic! (Go Adrian you know your music, duh like I didn't know that?) Now if I had said their big hit was "Smoke on the Water" or "Highway Star" I bet loads would have guessed (even Gwensday knows "Smoke on the Water"!) Oh it was Ritchie Blackmore, formerly of Black Sabbath, now with Blackmore's Night. And for those of you into that sort of thing, yes he did play his old white Strat from his Sabbath days.

I used to sell their CD's in my shop, but had never seen them live and it was at a great old renovated theatre in Peekskill, NY (the town is thought to be the impetus for "the yellow brick road" as there is one there and Frank L Baum attended a military academy there, long story but that's the short of it) called the Paramount. They've done a gorgeous job, here are a few pics.

Unfortunately I forgot my "good" camera (I usually do) so the pics aren't as great as they could've been.    While it wasn't quite my "thing" the music & show were great so it was a great evening out, especially since I'd been dying to see how they redid the theatre.

The entire band.

Then one week later on the 15th we got to see Michael Franti & Spearhead at another old theatre newly renovated (Dylan played there in their heyday & returned recently to play again, loads of legends played there, list is way too long!) due to the kindness of my fabulous friends Snooky & Andy who gave us two tix as an early birthday gift. What a gift! I'm still on a high from the show nearly a week later! If you ever get a chance to see him live, grab it. He is not only entertaining, with fantastic music, but the love just pours out of the man, its absolutely palpable! He puts on an amazing show (I think it was two hours, I was too busy dancing my bum off, laughing, crying, having a general blast!) and he really loves his fans frequently going into the audience (which was PACKED). He actually walked right by me but I was so entranced by the music & shaking it that I missed him!

First I'll show you some pics of the theatre, they did a fantastic job & The Capitol Theatre its quite easy to get to from the city (a really quick ride) as well as right across the street from the train station in Port Chester, NY. I also love that it seems to have revitalized the area with loads of little small businesses.
These were the private boxes along the sides of the stage with a projection over it.

Throughout the show and during intermission between the opening act they would project all kinds of designs all over the place giving it a really wild vibe!

Some of the fab renovations they did. Truly a masterpiece of an old theatre.

Again forgot the "good" camera (will I ever learn?) so sorry for the quality. It was hard getting stage shots although it wasn't bright they kept coming out washed out. So here are a few.
Michael Franti ran back and forth in and out of the crowd really making you feel part of the show!

At one point they had these thick plastic helium balloons floating everywhere,  they even made it up to the highest part of the balcony!

Just missed him on the way up!

So close I could've hugged him, drat!
Got caught shaking it! Makeup gone due to the range of emotion, laughing, crying, sweating & loving every second!
Obligatory fat-ass dancing pose!
Happy couple! (I had to make Dan smile he always looks so serious in pics! That's why I'm smirking!)
For the last song of his encore he did my fave song "Say Hey (I Love You)" bringing children on stage & getting them to participate, it was beautiful! Seeing those kids strum a guitar, or sing the lyrics was magical and ended the evening on a great upbeat note.
Sucky pic but this is the last song of the night with all the kids on stage. It was such a joyful show!

Here's the video for that last song, just so you can get the vibe of the energy, not nearly as close to seeing it performed live!

I hope you enjoyed our little date nights out & maybe found some new music to fall in love with!

PS Links if you're interested:
Blackmore's Night: http://www.blackmoresnight.com
Michael Franti & Spearhead: https://www.michaelfranti.com/home


  1. You look so cute together and I could just smack that leopard print arse right now!
    What a fancy venue, puts most of our municipal civic venues to shame. Love Michael Franti's Spearhead. xxx

    1. Wish the pics looked better ): They've only recently started taking these old places and redoing them. They're mostly musical venues which is very cool! Not many of them up here but the ones they've done are so gorgeous! Oh man I love him along with Spearhead! Haha glad you like my fat leopard clad arse! Love you! XXX


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