12 August 2013

Vlog -- Cosmetic Raves & Rants

Wasn't in the mood to write so decided to do a vlog about some new cosmetic favs as well as some rants on the ones I dislike (read that as hate will never purchase again etc!) Sorry for the runny nose, my allergies have been getting the best of me between runny nose & losing my voice!

Oops forgot...

Here is a pic taken after I wiped off the samples on my hand. As you can see, the MUFE Aqua Cream didn't budge & their lipsticks stained -- good stuff in my book!

Top to bottom, MUFE #52, MUFE Rouge Artiste Intense Lipstick (satin) #44,  MUFE Rouge Artiste Intense Lipstick (satin) #36 
Here's a list of all the products I raved about with links (seems MUFE doesn't sell off their site so I apologise most links are from Sephora)

MUFE #52 Pearly Lagoon Blue (almost got the colour right! Says waterproof, after trying to wipe it off vigorously I believe it!)
MUFE Aqua Black Waterproof Cream (doesn't have a number online but has a section of its own -- mine said #27 on the bottom of the jar.)
MUFE#44 Rouge Artiste Intense (satin) Lipstick
MUFE#36 Rouge Artiste Intense (satin) Lipstick
MUFE #75 Eyeshadow
Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara
TOKYOMILK DARK #17 Arsenic Femme Fatale Collection
TOKYOMILK DARK #17 Arsenic Femme Fatale Collection Handcreme
TOYKOMILK DARK Tempting Trio Tainted Love #62 (no longer available but Tainted Love Travel Set is available, slightly different.)
Garnier BB Cream
Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner in #10 Clear

Stuff I ranted about:
Lancome Hypnōse Doll Lashes Mascara For some reason they don't have the Lanvin version listed so I'm presuming its gone forever. But that was the one I had a terrible reaction to & stunk something awful. I have a sample of this one, so we'll see if I just got a bad one. Seeing it off the site makes me think there may have been a problem with it, but who knows?
Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off after three coats you still couldn't tell I had mascara on. Shame Rimmel used to make great low-priced mascaras that really worked well, lately they do nothing.
Benefit Watt's Up okay my bad, on the packaging I got it said it was a concealer, on the Sephora site it says its an "soft focus highlighter for the face" which is how I said it should be used. So at least I was right on that account!

Please take into consideration that this isn't a 'haul' video, some of these items I purchased going back to before the new year! I've only just now decided to talk about them after using for some time so I can definitely say I love them!

Sorry for all the moving around, the sun kept moving & I'm not used to doing this so maybe next time it'll be better (if there is a next time!) Or perhaps I'll be able to figure out that blasted iFilm! Please do tell me what you think of these products & if you have other suggestions!



  1. Even more gorgeous in the flesh! I loved watching the vids and hearing your voice, I can't wait to actually get a chance to Skype with you soon!
    I'm very mean with make-up, I use the same old stuff for years and only buy to replace. Not sure whether it's just me but every Benefit product I've ever used (a friend bought me a gift pack and I found quite a bit partially tried at car boot sales) has been a disappointment - never lives up to the fabulous packaging. xxx

    1. Hey Vix, I do the same thing, just replace when I run out -- how I wish they sold Barry M here I'd be in heaven! The only thing I do keep trying new ones of is mascara since I haven't found my "holy grail". Prob never will with these difficult lashes!

      You're too sweet, as soon as I posted this I wanted to do it over -- I look so tired (I was!) We will def skype when the stars align LOL!

      You know, Benefit does amazing packaging, but their products suck! At least for me -- I get allergic reactions or they don't do what they're supposed to. Glad I didn't pay for that one! XXX

  2. Oh! I would love to dive into your makeup collection, there are a few things from MUFE which I would love to try and now I think I'm going to be adding that red lippy to the list!

    I agree with you on how rubbish Rimmel mascaras are! My favourite mascara has to be Max Factor False Lash Effect, I have been using it for around 4 years now and it never fails me!

    Tokyo Milk are another brand that I really hope to try some day. I just adore their packaging, everything about it appeals to me so very much! I am a lover of 'foody' scents so 'Let Them Eat Cake' would be the first one I'd buy if they ever shipped to the UK! ♥

    1. I'm really impressed with MUFE, so far so good. Only had to return a few of the Aqua Cream colours as they just did nothing for me. I LOVE that lipstick so glad I went for it, was with my daughter & undecided, but she's good at picking colours for me, so glad I got it!

      What happened to Rimmel? They used to have great mascaras & other products, now they all suck!

      Oh you would be in heaven with ToykoMilk Dark. I'll try to get a sample & post, will be in London in September so if you want a full size let me know (can't post perfume overseas, blasted USPS!) XXX

  3. Amor,
    Your voice sounds so cute and sweet. I always wanted to try Make Up Forever. I love the swap meet mascaras and $1 lipsticks.I don't know I hate Rimmel.

    1. Thank you amor! Try it little by little that's how I try the more expensive brands. No sense spending cash on something you don't like! Rimmel back in the 80s and even 90s was SO good. Then they got all fancy & it sucks. Well learned my lesson, no more Rimmel! XXX

  4. great vlog! I love that lipstick color, maybe too dark for me tho, looks great on you. I can't for the life of me do eyeliner, I open up my eye & it ends up on the bottom of my eye too.

    1. Thanks! I thought it would be too dark for me too, but I quite like having something different than the brighter reds I usually go for. Well you know the old joke "how do you get to Carnegie Hall?" "Practice!" (okay I'm immature that still cracks me up!) Keep practicing with different types, you'll get some eyeliner mojo! XXX

  5. There you are! Talking! In motion! Looking fabulous! Love how you gravitate toward brightly colored makeup & that clear lip liner looks super intriguing. Gonna have to get me some of that :O)

    1. Yep, but you don't know how long it took me to post this, then almost deleted but had already gotten a comment so felt bad! Haha! That lip liner is amazing, cheap too. Look for it on sale & the Sunday papers often have coupons making it an even better deal! I have about two in reserve --- oh no better stock up (; Thanks for stopping by, you're a doll! XXX

  6. Gah!!! Those spiked ballerina flats are to die for!!!

    1. They were pretty cheap too, I think I got them through Karmaloop or Miss KL (same co.) and I think they're even cheaper now -- make sure to look for a coupon on retailmenot.com,they always have great deals like an extra 15% off! Ooo and they had pink ones, but the green (my fav magick colour) are gone ): Warning, they are plastic, so take a little time to wear in (socks help). I don't think I paid $20 and that was well over a month ago -- treat yourself! XXX

  7. Vlogs, yay! Great to hear about the make up tips - I didn't know about the lip liner but I need to get it, fo sure!
    The blue thingy looks scrumptious, I'm also tempted with that one.
    You know something funny, you talk about Rimmel making decent inexpensive mascaras - in Portugal we didn't call mascara mascara, we called it Rimmel. You know when a brand name ends up becoming the name of a product? I've always heard it from my nan and my mother and I think it's only now that people are starting to call it mascara because of access to information from foreign blogs and magazines. Funny heh?

    1. Heehee I know I love them, and I know so many tips from when I was a hair/ makeup artist but I never do them as I hate looking at myself on screen or in photos! (Photos mainly because no one ever taught me how to pose, I was always criticized for looking this way or that when young, so I got very camera shy.) I'm going to try to do another before I leave as I discovered something new (and inexpensive!)

      That's funny about mascara being called Rimmel in Portugal! I know exactly what you mean, here "saran wrap" for plastic wrap (to wrap food). Loads of them. UK: "hovering". So silly! They did make the best inexpensive mascara out there, then started going downhill about 5-7 years ago. Now its just garbage. I recall in the 80s stocking up on the liquid liner before it was sold here, it was fantastic! And I used to like their lipsticks but even those seem to have changed. The only thing we get now from them is the pencil with the smudge sponge end, as Gwensday LOVES her raccoon eyes! (Oh I do hope she experiments more soon!)

      Definitely look for the lipliner, its fantastic! The blue thingy... oh the Aqua colour? Love it, and yeah it does seem to be waterproof! XXX Jet


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