27 April 2012

Living Proof Restore Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

I was asked to test out Living Proof's new line called Restore, and I will admit the promotional information I received was quite intriguing. I'm a tough sell when it comes to hair products as I have not only colour-treated hair, but the texture changed from pin straight to frizz with slight wave when I had my daughter. So hair products have a lot of hard work to do for this head! What Living Proof Restore promises is to restore your hair to its natural virgin state. Well that's a pretty tall order, but I was game!

Click on the above images to take you directly to the product page on Sephora.com.

What I found after using the shampoo, conditioner, and occasionally the mask (when my hair was feeling particularly parched) is that it behaved much better than other products I'd used previously. I didn't need to use Moroccan oil treatment after to tame the frizz, as my hair was hydrated enough that it didn't need the extra smoothing and hydration. This was after the very first use, and with each use my hair seemed to get stronger, and feel more hydrated each time. It felt silky, and smooth, something I hadn't felt in some time! At times I think I over-conditioned as it became so silky I couldn't do much with it and had to add product to style it. But what a luxury it is to not have to add all the extra products to get my hair to look decent! I don't ever blow-dry as I find it'll just frizz up, so I simply towel dry and arrange it and let it dry naturally. Usually after that is when I have to add Moroccan oil as it'll still frizz at the ends, and then starts the ritual of adding product to make it look better (well my version of better, which usually means some version of bedhead). After using Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner I found my hair was even able to get a nice wave without the aid of any other hair product. Definitely a plus for those days at the pool -- after all, who wants to lug hair product to the pool?

Another thing to note is that I don't like heavy scented hair products. Living Proof Restore has a very light scent (very) that soon disappears after rinsing.

After using Living Proof Restore exclusively for the past few months, I have definitely noticed a difference in the texture. While I wouldn't exactly call it "virgin" hair, it's in better condition than it has been in years. And I find I'm using the mask less and less as my hair doesn't seem to need it anymore. So I guess you can say I'm sold, and I'll definitely be repurchasing when I run out!

As an aside, I realised the label and brand looked familiar to me. It was because I had used the No Frizz formula some time ago and also found that to work fabulously. No idea why I stopped!

If your hair is dry, colour damaged, frizzy I would certainly give this a try. Its available at Sephora, Shampoo $28, Conditioner $28, Mask $42


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