23 October 2010

And Now For a Little Musical Interlude...

Found this on YouTube tonight & quite enjoyed it for something different associated with Keith... I hope you enjoy it!

Btw, I was having such a crappy day that I declared it Keith Richards day to try and cheer me up. I've subjected my household to Keith and the Stones ALL day long and as I can't sleep it's bound to go on all night too! I even did version 2 of young Keith hair, mine is getting a bit long for it to look too great but I'm always in the process of doing something to my hair! Here's a crappy photo booth pic to prove it!

Yeah, its a rats nest (and I look oh so happy), but who the hell wants to fix their hair at nearly 2am?



  1. Just how is it you can look stylishly cheeky and cute at 2am? You look full of mischief!!! xo

  2. You have a much rosier outlook -- I think I look majorly pissed! Keith cheered me some, I can relate to his antics as we're both saggitarius' (as are both my mum & daughter -- three generations of sag's -- welcome to the whack-a-doo tribe!) and I found the song to be rather lovely & unlike most of what you'd associate with him. Maybe he's mellowing in his old age? NAH! (At least in hope not!)


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