16 June 2010

Keith Hair Version One

So I finally got motivated tonight to chop the locks. Poor little Punk Glam Princess, face covered in poison ivy was my photographer. Please excuse the messy bathroom!

Self portrait she took on the sly. Thankfully the meds seem to be working and her poor eyes aren't as red and only a little swollen now!

The first cut.

Some side chopping action.

"Biting" into the clipped ends to make them choppier.

All I cut, not much eh?

The final look after it dried. No "product" just dried. Excuse the shawl, I'm sitting on my front porch at nearly one am! Ack, no makeup either! The look was me giggling at our Westie that was patiently waiting for me to take her portrait! (She's a complete ham anytime she sees a camera but far too dirty and in need of a haircut herself for any portraits at this time.)

So I think tomorrow there shall be more chopping, its simply not messy or shaggy enough for my liking. Its a start, so I'll lop off more to get more texture and choppiness. I also think some of it needs to be blunter and not as "bitten" into. So we'll see what round two brings...



  1. You're bold to wield the scissors yourself! I'm too chicken.

  2. Not bold, just nuts! Seriously though for this type of cut its not that difficult to do yourself. When I used to have it long and all one length, it was a bitch! My bathroom actually has three mirrors I can position in order to do my hair which does make it a lot easier.

  3. I love that you cut your own hair. My mum used to cut her hair all the time. I'd go into the bathroom and there she'd be chopping her hair into some new style! Yours looks great, especially with the colour

  4. Thanks! Your mum sounds like she was a gal after my own heart! Its a little difficult to make the PGP understand that there is a method to my madness... so she's instead taken to giving all her dolls new styles and colours (she uses Manic Panic, and gets quite creative!)


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