04 June 2010

Hair today gone tomorrow...

Since dyeing my hair red, I've had my hair on my mind a great deal. The red has made me immensely happy as it completely changes my complexion and brightens up my face. Seriously, just a lick of lipstick and I'm off. Easy peasey, the way I like it! I've been trying to grow it out for sometime, but it will never be as luxurious and waist length as it was when I had my daughter and was taking all those pre-natal vitamins! (Man those things make your hair and nails grow like mad!) Plus, having gone prematurely grey beginning at the age of 16, dyeing my hair has been a way of life for too long, and its far too damaged to get any good length to it.

So instead I've been thinking a lot about chopping it off. New fresh ends, no more splits, plus the bonus of a new look. I've never been one to shy away from chopping, I never really cared, it grows back anyway, and I can always manage my way through a blunder. (Ex-hair and make-up artists will all agree, we do the absolute worst possible things you can do to your hair, but still it survives!) But lately my tastes are leaning back towards my rock n roll roots (ew was that a pun?) Perhaps its just me not wanting to grow up, but I want wild, insane, chopped, uneven, shaggy hair. Of course who comes to mind first is.... Keith Richards. I've always looked more towards male rockers for inspirations than their female counterparts (with exceptions of course -- Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde to name just a few). Seems like they always got to have more fun style wise, and especially with their hair. Sister Wolf did a post "Keith or Anita" last month that had me a bit nostalgic, and I think that's what prompted it. So off to google images to see what I could come up with...

What a great tee shirt, especially in the context of Keith wearing it!

LOVE this picture!

Nap time back stage! Or is it? Your call!

This last one is purely for my own nostalgic indulgence.

All images from Google Images. If any of these belong to you please let me know so I can credit you. Or I'll gladly remove if you wish.

So there you have my latest hair inspiration. Nothing new, or exciting; just the old standard rock 'n roll shaggy 'do. Its something I fall back on whenever I'm bored to death with boring old bat hair that borders on looking like suburban mum (goodness forbid, I think my kid would pass out if I actually did turn out looking like that!) We'll see... I have some thinking to do as I also have a few tattoos I'm obsessed over getting as well. Of course chopping off my locks is a lot easier and less painful!



  1. Hell yeah...go for it. I love the red, of course.

  2. Thankies I'm loving the red too! I might let the Punk Glam Princess have a shot at chopping it off. I think that will be the perfect look, no? Heehee!


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