05 April 2009

Manic Panic Cosmetic Review

Manic Panic hair dye has become a household word, but did you know they have a line of fabulous cosmetics? I recently went to the Manic Panic warehouse to interview Tish and Snooky for Kiki Magazine's "extreme" issue (Kiki is a fashion magazine dedicated to 'tween girls, a wonderful publication that emphasises creativity and creating your style, your way and not following the crowd) and picked up a some "Spider Liner". I love cream eye liner as I find it has substantial staying power and since I have a problem with itchy, watery allergy eyes, this is a boon to me.

I picked up three colours: Reptile Smile (deep green); After Midnight ( deep blue that is almost violet); and Stardust (gunmetal.) As with all the Manic Panic cosmetics that I've used, the "Spider Liner" is wonderful, and as good as Mac Fluidline (which is my Holy Grail of eye liner.) It goes on smoothly, and sets, not budging or flaking one bit until I take it off! In addition to those colours, they have Raven (true black); and Belladonna (deep purple.) If you're looking for a creme eyeliner that won't budge, try Manic Panic "Spider Liner" -- you won't be disappointed!

Some time ago I picked up their "Lust Dust" in every colour that they carry. It's different from other mineral eye shadows in that it has intense sparkle and is highly pigmented. Not for the faint of heart, and just what I crave. The colours are: Cobra (rich chocolate brown); Dreamsicle (orange); Electric Sky (sky blue); Electric Sunshine (yellow); Fuchsia Shock (fuchsia); Hot, Hot Pink (hot pink); Infra Red (bright red); Limelight (lime green); Nefertiti (copper); Mermaid (turquoise); Stiletto (silvery gunmetal); and Ultra Violet (violet). Even though its a powder, it goes on creamy. I like using most of them as eyeliner in addition to shadow, and with their "Glam Glue" you can make your loose powder eye shadow into eyeliner with staying power!

As usual, Tish and Snooky were way ahead of the designers when they created their "Cruelty-Free Boas" and "Hair Bags" which feature synthetic hair embellishment. They'll coordinate with your Manic Panic hair colour!

As you'll notice above (and once you're on their site) many of the cosmetic and wig colours match the hair dye. So if you really wish you had "Atomic Turquoise" hair, but for whatever reason can't go that route you can always purchase a "Cruelty Free Boa", wig, or "Glam Strip" (clip in extension) to satisfy your craving!

Tish and Snooky are wonderful, warm hearted people whom I'm proud to count among my closest friends. I've known them since the early punk days, and was one of the original Manic Panic employees at the infamous shop on St. Mark's Place (the US' first punk store!) They not only sell it, but they live it, so every single item must pass their criteria before its added to their line. Tish and Snooky are also staunch animal rights supporters and have won a Libby from Peta for Manic Panic Hair Dye. As they say: "Tested on celebrities, not animals."

So if you're craving colour, but are sick of the current '80's trend, hit Manic Panic for some punk glamour!



  1. You should really show us how it looks.

  2. Ooo I'm quite camera shy, and plus I doubt anyone wants to see an old bat like me! But you have a point, perhaps I'll paint up my daughter... I know she'll love that!

  3. have you tried MANIC PANIC Glam Glue for eye? i'm intrested to know is it good? please answer :) (sorry if my writing is not clear, i'm finishgirl and i know little bit how to say and what ;D )

  4. Yes I do use it and love it! I use it to make loose eye shadows like the "Lust Dust" pictured above into eyeliners. It takes just a tiny bit to make it into an eyeliner that won't flake or disappear like other brands. I hope that helps! XXX Jet PS your writing is just fine, I understood you quite well, don't be so hard on yourself, English is a difficult language!

  5. okay thanks a lot!

    1. II'm glad I could help! XXX Jet


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